From the Beginning

Solo Exhibitions:

2010   Eastside Raquet Club, Manlius, NY

2010   Interior Illusions, Los Angeles, CA

2007   Minotti, Los Angeles, CA

2004   Chaffey Museum of Art, Alta Loma, CA

2003   3rd floor Gallery Pratt Institute

2002   Munson-Williams-Proctor-Institute

2001   Utica Public Library, Utica, NY

Group Exhibitions:

2015  Viridian Gallery, New York ,NY

2015   Silvermine Gallery, New Cannan, CT

2014   Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY

2011   Hotel Chelsea, New York, NY

2009   Skaneateles Artisans, Skaneateles, NY

2004   Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY

2004   Schaffer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Selected Exhibitions

The current series is an ambitious exploration in mixed media. The goal is to create a relationship between painting and photography through juxtaposition of media and texture. Contrasting characteristics of the media, combined with ironic spatial relations create tension and challenge perceptual interpretation.

As an eternal student of art, I am continuously learning through experimentation both conceptually and technically. The later was imbedded in me from the first time I picked up a paintbrush in my small town of Waterville, NY. To be an amazing artist in Waterville meant painting things exactly as they appear, not interpreting their expression, an apple should look like an apple. With this standard, I became good at making apples look like apples. I achieved success in my small town, winning art shows and displaying work in local public libraries.


Upon graduating high school I moved to New York City, and studied the work of contemporary and former masters first hand. This cultural experience taught me the goal is not to be impressive but to be honest.

I strive now, to use my body as an instrument to create art from the purest area of my soul.